Dandelion flowers in batter

(… ossignur ! I would also like to start this post with the etymology of the word “Spring” … but scrolling the pages of Mr. dedicated Google I found myself uhmmm ante, with the drop of Japanese cartoons over the head: -.- ‘therefore referring to uhmmmm1 and uhmmmmm2 :))

” It’s primaveeeeraaaa … wake up, baby girls ” do you know her ?? 🙂 It ‘a refrain that bounces punctually in the head every year in this period … soon after, by association of ideas antithetical arrives her, our LorettonaGoggi, which instead of spring mica endured her much 🙂
I especially like it the idea of ​​’splendor’ that accompanies it … the incessant unfolding of the seasons is a sight that one forgets too quickly … their arrival crashes on you every time with a new force 🙂 Drum roll : D … I’m honored (and excited!) In presenting the contest organized by Ricci Picci and Capricci , the blog of the fantastic Babette 🙂 🙂

… and what have I got to do with it? … I have to do it, I have to do it … because with great temerity Babette – ahinoi, ahivoi, ahitutti !! 😉 – has appointed me to be sworn together with Vale and compass !! What an honor !!! 🙂
Now (assuming that I’m the one in the pizzeria that takes six to eight hours to choose pizza: P) the moment is solemn: I thank Babette of course for the trust and I promise to fulfill this task with extreme commitment 🙂 Meanwhile I enclose the regulation directly from the site and I invite you to run to the stove to participate in many: D