Fish Burger


[mer-lùz-zo]  sm

  • 1Large greyish sea fish, with three dorsal fins; It is typical of the North Atlantic and its meat, very nutritious and tasty, is eaten fresh, dried (dried cod) or cut in half and salted (cod), while from its liver is obtained an oil ( cod liver oil ) used in pharmacies
  • 2Popular name of hake or other similar species
  • A clumsy person, awkward in his movements:  he remained there like a cod

This stream of consciousness starts from a summer advertisement in which a Santa Claus dressed as a sailor gives lunch on the ship to a band of athletic boys.
Lunch consists of a fish burger and the fish in question is cod, definition in point 1. The definition in point 3, instead, reflects exactly my feeling when the supermarket sees the aforementioned lunch, frozen and in the supermarket freezer counter: I take it, turn it around, read it, turn it over while in my head the enthusiastic voice of advertising announces: “The captain!”.
I stay there, in short.
With a decidedly Merluzzian face, so much so that it has happened several times that someone in the ward tells me: “Signorina, I do not see her convinced” … and no they are not, my dear shop assistant.