Chickpea flour gnocchi with pumpkin, butter and sage

It’s 23 and 27 and the cursor flashes like a madman, telling me it’s late, but late very late. It also makes me realize that tomorrow my dark circles will have even more nuances, from bluish to pearl gray, and that will probably come to touch my knees. Everyone lives only as he knows and I can not stay still. If I could break the nights and eat them in shreds – much Hannibal Lecter – not to stop to sleep, but continue to grind steps, thoughts, projects, with frantic and greedy hands.

Feed energy in a thousand directions and in the evening I find myself exhausted, but happy. Except when on La7 there is PiazzaPulita. Or, worse, Report on Rai 3. There I take the hard incazzatura to pass and I get an anguish about what will become of me, this country tired and the night, thinking about it, I sleep as if on nails.

With the result that then the dark circles take possession of me, as I said here on.

So today I stopped everything and I prepared these. Because butter and sage is my good seasoning, the one that puts me at peace with the world.