Pepper biscuits

The pepper cookies are one of those things that if you do not do them and then eat them, hard to believe it.
A bit like Sara Tommasi, a novice half a nun or a growing Italian GDP.
I, then, a catechism I always supported for St. Thomas: it was a bit ‘arrogant and I liked a lot. We would have a long game of cards and drinks of good Sangria, trusting the list of things we do not believe in.

I would have told him that I do not believe in easy things, because I do not think they will last. Instead, I believe in the beauty of the difficulty, of building something at your own risk, something where it is worth dunking with fatigue up to your neck.

That I do not believe in bad luck or even in the fact that each of us has a prepackaged destiny, like the salad in an envelope.

Doubting things is tremendously more challenging and uncomfortable, because it throws you in front of a myriad of possibilities, all those that, with the blind assent, not even exist. A yes with your head and it all ends there, understand? Without too many worries.

Still, I doubt they are fond of it. I can not help but think that it is a sign of healthy blood that turns, to refresh unconformed minds.