Mulled wine

It’s not like I got alcohol, it’s clear.
Or maybe a little ‘yes? 🙂
Let’s say that the uninterrupted rain of these days has helped a lot. And at the weather you have to add at least two other triggers.
First :  fairs with rather curious hours and subjects. The inflammation of the vocal cords and the sore feet are nothing if one thinks of the enjoyment of a truly bizarre sample of humanity. I’m meditating a dedicated post and a suitable recipe 🙂
Second : the arrival in Turin with the Rocker’s dorsiione, armed with  guitars and similar to settle in 30 sqm + the new Ikea desk to be assembled 🙂
A beautiful mulled wine there is everything, at least to relax the nerves.
Ah, I forgot my dripping nose.
Here, now you need cups at least two, so then I sing and do not think about it 🙂
Then I have an adoration for good recipes, especially for the spirit. They are those without precise and weighed ingredients, but just as the hands and the palate know.