Christmas homemade: Homemade crunchy muesli

Always there in Christmas rush?Ā Here comes the second episode of homemade gifts šŸ™‚

You all have this: theĀ passionateĀ friendĀ Ā of natural wellbeing and tending to the ecologism, maybe evenĀ Ā tagged as the undersigned: P … do you have to find the right gift?Ā Those who have already tried to buy a gift know that there are at least three risks to run:
– lose tenths on the street in the effort to read the miniscule characters of the labels on the body cream.

– offer hostage to the organic store to settle the purchase account.

– be looked at with utter contempt, as if you had just killed the saleswoman’s cat, requesting the package with recycled paper.

And instead?Ā Instead this year you just need a home-made muesli, tremendously fast and of sure effect on naturomani souls šŸ™‚