Green cauliflower meatballs, cooked ham and gorgonzola

The Rocker is influenced. Nose dripping, red throat and cough.
And the Rocker is a male person.
For them, you know, flu is never a simple seasonal illness. Some line of fever pushes them with one foot in the pit, the nose will collapse at any moment and the throat –  oh God, the throat  – that one will never return as before, better to meditate the will.
A sick man in the house, do you understand? It means that your already precarious daily tranquility is over, gone,  kaput .
He makes the tragic from his bed post, which includes sweater with fur and cover up to the armpits.

Today, so as not to miss anything, I cooked a nice green cabbage.
What to tell you, theeau de chou-fleur  has blissfully invaded the kitchen: for that, you know, there is no nose plugged that holds, I miss the one of the Rocker that oooh, if he heard it 🙂