Baked omelette with escarole and bresaola

I’m putting the gills.
Perhaps even a dorsal fin. To swim, however, I am not able and I will not learn this time 🙂

in short, what do you want me to say? It’s raining, then it seems to stop, then it drips, then it pours.

And I do not do anything ” I’m singing in the rain “, on the contrary.

Me and the winter rain we’re not very nice. I love spying it with my nose on the glass and I hate walking under it when it’s too cold.
But you, in one way or another, always know how to get your feet drenched and enjoy knowing that I constantly forget the umbrella, as soon as I support it somewhere.

Now, among the countless reasons why it is worth preparing an omelette on a rainy day, everyone wins the convenience: avoid going out to go to the supermarket. You have the eggs right there, right? Then there is everything you need 🙂 let’s face it: whatever your perverse mind or the crying shelves of the refrigerator will have to offer you will turn into a superb Omelette Lady. And this is not only true with the rain.