Spelled biscuits with blueberry jam

We still do not know yet, we have an Oscar. That it is not the neighbor’s dog with a wrinkled neck and the voice that becomes more shrill when he calls it.

It  is a true Oscar, the silhouette of the little man with the powerful thighs, lacquered with gold. We do not talk about anything else and, if you ask grandma, will tell you that Sorrentino is a handsome man, a little ‘ descarpentà (something that lies between the disheveled and the messy) but that night had a nice suit. She, however, preferred the tie to the bow tie.

The most curious thing is a certain collective awakening. Certainly not the awakening from the sleep of the righteous, but rather the return to reality after a state of trance: confused, frightened and half-conscious in an ugly country and practically in disarray. But no, it is said since yesterday. Sorrentino won the Oscar, so we are not really in ruins.