Tuna meatballs with sun-dried tomatoes, black olives and thyme

Schools of thought – applied to any theory – are always interesting. The ardor of defending one’s ideology,  combined with a pinch of pedagogy from one side and the other, makes the comparison something that resembles the   fight of the hippos .
The kitchen is the ring of various and possible food diatribes. Just to give two or three ideas: the raw raw food vs the fearless roasters, the unresolved vegetarian / vegan against  carnivores, those of products at km 0 and the other those of the ethnic by force.
Today I was reading the last one: those that “the kitchen is an exact science”  inopposition to  those that “the magic of the stove”. Well, a I would have liked to love the exact sciences.
To appreciate the cold rationality of some formulas, to get excited about constants and variables trapped in a cycle of operations, to find out if the results turned upside down at the bottom of the page and those of my reasoning coincide, turning the book with momentum.