Courgette rolls, salmon and stracchino with chives

First date with StagioniAMO and I have the honor to open this column 🙂

The protagonist of the month is Lady Zucchina, who for days has triumphed in the market stalls. Fresh, colorful and – what do I tell you to do? – in season 🙂 it  is good and right to consume the zucchini in this period: they are rich in mineral salts, among which potassium stands out, making it an “anti-fat” food. Very useful also to moisturize the body … think that they contain more than 90% of water! This quality makes them digestible and hypocaloric … they are the perfect ingredient for this period: when I tell you that Nature thinks of everything, I mean everything ! Because the star of the roll of flab to be eliminated does not leave survivors and, who before who after, we female specimens in spring we find ourselves in the bra in front of the mirror to pierce the