StagioniAMO! A new section dedicated to seasonal ingredients

Do you remember that thing that I was saying in a whisper a couple of posts ago? Now you can – yes! – scream at the top of your lungs. Cooks, food lovers, mothers: arm yourself with platters, mezzelune, vegetable and everything that seems useful, because today StagioniAMO ! : D StagioniAMO is an idea, born on an afternoon in April with a message to my sister blog, the legendary CaffèBabilonia Faith . Manco had finished saying “We have to do something together with the blo …” that already our crazy fingers ran on the keyboard in search of a common project 🙂  StagioniAMO was born as all beautiful things are born: by chance. And immediately we turned the idea to two exceptional adventure companions: Terry di

Crumpets and co , which in terms of naturalness and seasonality does not beat anyone and Luna di Pizza, figs and Zighinì , because its storybook zibaldone is really irresistible.
They said yes and in four, just like the number of seasons, we rushed headlong into this idea. Objective: natural cuisine. Every month we will propose a seasonal ingredient creating a real menu dedicated to him.