Salmon steaks with black grapes and green pepper

September is my favorite month and punctually escapes me.

September means new beginnings, changes and a tired sun, which is slow to come out in the morning.

September creates more interior disorder than usual.

Mica is easy to be 25 years old, here, now, in this Italy that stumbles.

If you look around, among those like you, there are those who got married, who bought the new car, who decided to go to live in another country, who continues to work in the same studio for years, who has already some kids who run around, have the second in the pipeline and the third in mind, who keeps getting drunk on the weekend. It is a beautiful confusion of existences, opinions, values,  what an OLE VO and what one can do , two concepts that rarely coincide.

I walk on the tips between projects and uncertainties, on days that are always too short. “Confused and happy”, sang Carmen Consoli. With some paturnia in the middle, I add.