Risotto with lard, stracchino and pear

There are, there are. In the company of an exceptional trio: sneeze, cough and heavy head. Could I escape the first influence of the season? 🙂 which was then the Rocker, to get infected first. And in a couple, you know, you share everything. Even the germs, which I would have preferred to keep for him 🙂
Not bad: my appetite for me does not go badly. I convince myself that “I must fight” and slap the disease with carbohydrates. So, I slightly modified this first course for StagioniAMO  and I added a little bit of … lard!
Then I do not buy it for a while, I swear. And ride it as well. And I make boiled vegetables. And I do not say swearing anymore. But will you allow me this risotto, creamy and anti-flu? 🙂