Risotto con lardo, stracchino e pere

Every month we will propose a seasonal ingredient creating a real menu dedicated to him. As in the best lunches with friends, each of us will bring something: appetizer, first course, second course, dessert (when you can) or, possibly, a side dish   Impossible? BROWSE OUR FIRST BOOK OF RECIPES!

And, if you really feel like an Seasoner,  take part in our PICNIC ONLINE


Do you really like to cook a variety of new and tasty dishes and provide to your friends and relatives?

Yes, I truly love it. I am very glad to say that I am an excellent cook and can make around 3000 varieties dishes. The reason behind my cooking interest is I am a foodie and would like to taste different types of foods whether it may be continental or desserts.

Let us look here the importance of food for life and discuss in brief.

Food is the most needed thing for survival and it is impossible to live without food. But most of us do not care about the hard work of the farmers and how much efforts they put in to get the result. One’s wastage of food can be another’s needed food and so we all must try to cultivate the habit of not wasting the nourishment items.

Cooking is not an easy thing, it is an art and in-built skill. Not everyone can get the amazing flavors in food and it is in the hands of the one who prepares it. The way they make the food and how they involve themselves in cooking all reflect on the outcome. Cooking should be done with much love and affection on the persons to whom we prepare.

Some people really love cooking and they even enjoy having the food items they made. That is the real satisfaction for them. Cooking and eating are the skills and there are even some people do not know what to order to eat in restaurants. But some others are kings in ordering differing unique varieties of diet.

did not take acute carotitis , really. Although I think someone at the market this morning has had serious doubts about my sanity. Imagine a hooded blonde whirling around the market stalls. He looks around the furious search for orange and squints myopic to see the most distant cassettes. Carotecarotecarote . He passes nonchalantly near the vans and puts his head inside.
Dribble the grannies with the trolley and the strollers, skip the dogs on a leash, lower to peek behind the counter. Anything. The carrots are  allsadly and strictly bald.


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