Four quarters cake with grapefruit and cinnamon – SEDICI: the alchemy of flavors, the Contest

The changes, the evolutions, the re-starts, the movement of these last weeks.

A strenuous movement, not always so fluid and light, yet energetic and full of new things. I moved under a sky too blue to be February, I stuck my whole life in cardboard boxes and suitcases, I transported it and reopened it in a new space, with lots of wood and lots of light. Changing your home upsets you. For a few days you look stupid, shaken, a little lost. Then everything starts to flow. Get familiar with the spaces, dust them, fill them, take a few steps away to see if they are all right. Changing a house immediately a bit ‘scares, because there is to be paid, make the transfer of utilities, the sheet for the waste tax, there is to feel a little’ bigger.

Then the policeman arrives and asks you: “But are you Marzia I’m looking for?” And you look like the postman of De Filippi. The look is not so different, do you know? Is there any mail for me? 🙂