Tarte Tatin of potatoes and caciocavalloragusano – Sixteen, the Alchemy of Flavors: the dairy

Do not you hear it too? A strong smell, a bit sour, intense … cheese. I love him madly. The fault of course is all his own: take advantage of my moments of weakness. Just before dinner, to say. Or about two o’clock in the afternoon when I climb the last flight of stairs, I close the door behind me, I put myself in socks and my stomach growls. F ormaggi o. That marvelous mass of coagulated milk, of which there are millions of nuances.

Could Niki Segnit, author of La GrammaticadeiSapori , not dedicate a chapter to it? Sixteen, this month has the reassuring and intense taste of the cheese family. They range from the most delicate to those really strong … which happens to be hosted right here 🙂