Barley, cod and artichoke salad flavored with parsley – Sixteen, the alchemy of flavors: herbs and greenery


Today Rob Breszny  asked me: “When was the last time you loved yourself?”

The last time I looked at myself in the mirror without finding any faults, the last time I could say no, the last time I put the pleasure to duty … I have vague memories, they are sporadic, rarefied episodes that they happen and soon after they are lost in the tangle of the days.

What should I say to you, Rob, it’s not like I remember you well last time 🙂

The fringe is never in its place, I have a white agenda that still can not give me the organization I need, my head full of projects, the material time I run away and in the evening, just resting the seat at the sofa, by reflex my eyes close. No, I do not particularly love myself. I scold, I feel guilty, I take responsibility and commitments. I am a blond landslide, which rolls down towards May as it reflects on the good intentions that had been drawn up for the current year … when is the deadline for realizing them? Proroghiamo? 🙂