Homemade granola with cherries and hazelnuts- Sixteen, the alchemy of flavors: fresh fruity

This time I do not get lost in chatter, eh. They are further back than the last of the Mohicans. All my adventure companions have already said their on Sedici and I instead are here to write and it is almost midnight. But it was a nice weekend, exciting, messed up and tomorrow is Monday again. Only one thing will save us: breakfast. Breakfast is the moment when you wait for a moment before feeding yourself to the world. The cup welcomes you even if you have shaggy hair, eyes half closed and the murderous murmur 🙂

This month at Sedici we talk about fresh fruit, color, flavors that quench thirst. I had no doubts: cherry . And yes, it’s time to wait a few more days … but they will come and they will be better than ever.