Bruschetta with raw ham, ricotta and grilled peaches – Sixteen, the alchemy of flavors: creamy fruity

Do you remember the game of “if I were”? In all the worst tests of the IE, which was bought for that terrible blue lip gloss as a gift, there was at least one question that began with “if I were”. If you were an animal, would you be? If I were a city? If I were a song? Maybe I would be an insetta, to be able to slip everywhere and look at the world and the lives of others from bars, private houses, roofs, bus. A tiny and agile insect, of those who do not show up. And not so bad, please. As a city I’m fine with anything, maybe not exactly where it’s so cold, if not then my feet freeze. And I need those: I have to dance on Drops of Jupiterwhich is the song that I would be now if I were a song. If I were an atmospheric phenomenon, I would be lukewarm wind. If I were a season I would be this: not yet summer. If I were a room, I’d be the kitchen.

What if I was a food?