Orecchiette with pesto of tufts of carrots and walnuts

I did not take acute carotitis , really. Although I think someone at the market this morning has had serious doubts about my sanity. Imagine a hooded blonde whirling around the market stalls. He looks around the furious search for orange and squints myopic to see the most distant cassettes. Carotecarotecarote . He passes nonchalantly near the vans and puts his head inside.
Dribble the grannies with the trolley and the strollers, skip the dogs on a leash, lower to peek behind the counter. Anything. The carrots are  all sadly and strictly bald.

Of the emerald tuft not even the shadow, ended up somewhere in some mountain of trash. Now I want to know why in other markets yes and in my no. I have an alopecia-friendly market .