Preparation for risotto with mushrooms, pumpkin and clementines [#ANataleFalloHomemade]

Tell me.
Tell me that you have not already packed everything, that you have no idea what to buy to your bittersweet half, that these pre-Christmas days have something hellish for you as well. This afternoon I throw myself into the crowd and count on the inspiration of the moment. If you do not come back alive, know that I tried. First, however, let me inaugurate as every year, the most cialtrona party: #ANataleFalloHomemade . It never starts before December 15th and ends in the race until the fateful day of exchange gifts.
If you’re the kind of person who does not come back on the morning of the 24th, welcome.
We are many, only that others do not say it. They pretend to be giving you that horrible red fleece scarf in July, while they are still out of breath for the ride.