Broccoli omelette and baked sausage

This is the story of the food blogger, the man of the boiler and an omelette of broccoli and sausage.

The man of the boiler, you know, always comes at the least opportune moments, even if he has called before to make an appointment. The food blogger gave him the appointment on Wednesday. Afternoon, he specified, between 4pm and 6pm. Perfect. A breakfast with two other food bloggers, the recipe for StagioniAMO, the post and a man-boiler coffee.

The subtle art of organization is that thing that brings misery, I can not do  on which I’m still working.

Green cauliflower meatballs, cooked ham and gorgonzola

The Rocker is influenced. Nose dripping, red throat and cough.
And the Rocker is a male person.
For them, you know, flu is never a simple seasonal illness. Some line of fever pushes them with one foot in the pit, the nose will collapse at any moment and the throat –  oh God, the throat  – that one will never return as before, better to meditate the will.
A sick man in the house, do you understand? It means that your already precarious daily tranquility is over, gone,  kaput .
He makes the tragic from his bed post, which includes sweater with fur and cover up to the armpits.

Today, so as not to miss anything, I cooked a nice green cabbage.
What to tell you, theeau de chou-fleur  has blissfully invaded the kitchen: for that, you know, there is no nose plugged that holds, I miss the one of the Rocker that oooh, if he heard it 🙂


Christmas homemade: Homemade crunchy muesli

Always there in Christmas rush? Here comes the second episode of homemade gifts 🙂

You all have this: the passionate friend  of natural wellbeing and tending to the ecologism, maybe even  tagged as the undersigned: P … do you have to find the right gift? Those who have already tried to buy a gift know that there are at least three risks to run:
– lose tenths on the street in the effort to read the miniscule characters of the labels on the body cream.

– offer hostage to the organic store to settle the purchase account.

– be looked at with utter contempt, as if you had just killed the saleswoman’s cat, requesting the package with recycled paper.

And instead? Instead this year you just need a home-made muesli, tremendously fast and of sure effect on naturomani souls 🙂