Four food bloggers for four seasons and one ingredient a month. 

Objective: natural cuisine . 

Every month we will propose a seasonal ingredient creating a real menu dedicated to him. As in the best lunches with friends, each of us will bring something: appetizer, first course, second course, dessert (when you can) or, possibly, a side dish 🙂 Impossible? BROWSE OUR FIRST BOOK OF RECIPES!

And, if you really feel like an Seasoner,  take part in our PICNIC ONLINE 🙂

But why is looking for seasonality of ingredients so important?

Supermarkets have accustomed us to find any kind of fruit or vegetables at any time of the year and it does not matter if the tomatoes at Christmas do not know anything, they are picked green and brought to maturation in cold storage without being able to get rich nutrients ( especially vitamins) and cost a fortune.

Following the seasonality of the products means grasping the best of the energetic and organoleptic properties of the ingredients and, consequently, following a better diet and a more genuine lifestyle.