Couscous with aromatic herbs with spring onions and goat cheese

I have not been a traveling girl. One of those who went every year on holiday with their parents in a different city, dragging trolley, which went up easily on airplanes at 4 years.

Nah. When I was 4, I felt the pain in my car and at every turn my stomach seemed to crawl on the asphalt below. On school trips I could not go over half of the bus and I always had a chat with the drivers. The four-wheeled vehicles I hated them for all my childhood, but in a village of a handful of inhabitants there is little choice.


Broccoli omelette and baked sausage

This is the story of the food blogger, the man of the boiler and an omelette of broccoli and sausage.

The man of the boiler, you know, always comes at the least opportune moments, even if he has called before to make an appointment. The food blogger gave him the appointment on Wednesday. Afternoon, he specified, between 4pm and 6pm. Perfect. A breakfast with two other food bloggers, the recipe for StagioniAMO, the post and a man-boiler coffee.

The subtle art of organization is that thing that brings misery, I can not do  on which I’m still working.

Risotto with lard, stracchino and pear

There are, there are. In the company of an exceptional trio: sneeze, cough and heavy head. Could I escape the first influence of the season? 🙂 which was then the Rocker, to get infected first. And in a couple, you know, you share everything. Even the germs, which I would have preferred to keep for him 🙂
Not bad: my appetite for me does not go badly. I convince myself that “I must fight” and slap the disease with carbohydrates. So, I slightly modified this first course for StagioniAMO  and I added a little bit of … lard!
Then I do not buy it for a while, I swear. And ride it as well. And I make boiled vegetables. And I do not say swearing anymore. But will you allow me this risotto, creamy and anti-flu? 🙂



Because when four foodlbloggers, on different sides of Italy, put something in their head, it is difficult for them not to succeed.

Because we liked it so much to think of desserts with vegetables and some of the first ones with fruit, that we could no longer keep our hands still.

Because cooking is also – and above all – a form of sharing and conviviality. The food is savored together, around a table, sometimes even from the same plate. Around the food, human relationships are created and enshrined, stories are born, characters are highlighted, anecdotes are revived.

And then … come, siorivenghino …. it’s 7 o’clock in the morning and the drum roll is not welcome, but … I present the CONTEST of SeasonsAMO ! 🙂


For the next two months, if you want, you will be able to stay with us 🙂


Salmon steaks with black grapes and green pepper

September is my favorite month and punctually escapes me.

September means new beginnings, changes and a tired sun, which is slow to come out in the morning.

September creates more interior disorder than usual.

Mica is easy to be 25 years old, here, now, in this Italy that stumbles.

If you look around, among those like you, there are those who got married, who bought the new car, who decided to go to live in another country, who continues to work in the same studio for years, who has already some kids who run around, have the second in the pipeline and the third in mind, who keeps getting drunk on the weekend. It is a beautiful confusion of existences, opinions, values,  what an OLE VO and what one can do , two concepts that rarely coincide.

I walk on the tips between projects and uncertainties, on days that are always too short. “Confused and happy”, sang Carmen Consoli. With some paturnia in the middle, I add.


Bagnacaôda (or càuda) in summer

I put in order the last traces of Rome.

I returned home, casacasa , as I answer those who ask me: “Home where? Turin or from yours? “. Turin is home, yes. Home with the Rocker, the home of the passionate work of both, the house is always too small, the den where to return in the evening and wash away the heat of the concrete, which always beats strong.

Casacasa is where all my nerves tend, at least once every ten days. Where trams have a vague idea, where the grandmother always has the apron and hands in the air, where there is the white tree, the birch, which is bigger and older than me. Where you can smell the earth, a smell that I know perfectly, but that always knows how to enchant me.


Taking a journey means finding people, places, tastes that you did not know and, inevitably, rediscover your own. Remember them, compare them, exchange them.


StagioniAMO! A new section dedicated to seasonal ingredients

Do you remember that thing that I was saying in a whisper a couple of posts ago? Now you can – yes! – scream at the top of your lungs. Cooks, food lovers, mothers: arm yourself with platters, mezzelune, vegetable and everything that seems useful, because today StagioniAMO ! : D StagioniAMO is an idea, born on an afternoon in April with a message to my sister blog, the legendary CaffèBabilonia Faith . Manco had finished saying “We have to do something together with the blo …” that already our crazy fingers ran on the keyboard in search of a common project 🙂  StagioniAMO was born as all beautiful things are born: by chance. And immediately we turned the idea to two exceptional adventure companions: Terry di

Crumpets and co , which in terms of naturalness and seasonality does not beat anyone and Luna di Pizza, figs and Zighinì , because its storybook zibaldone is really irresistible.
They said yes and in four, just like the number of seasons, we rushed headlong into this idea. Objective: natural cuisine. Every month we will propose a seasonal ingredient creating a real menu dedicated to him.


Courgette rolls, salmon and stracchino with chives

First date with StagioniAMO and I have the honor to open this column 🙂

The protagonist of the month is Lady Zucchina, who for days has triumphed in the market stalls. Fresh, colorful and – what do I tell you to do? – in season 🙂 it  is good and right to consume the zucchini in this period: they are rich in mineral salts, among which potassium stands out, making it an “anti-fat” food. Very useful also to moisturize the body … think that they contain more than 90% of water! This quality makes them digestible and hypocaloric … they are the perfect ingredient for this period: when I tell you that Nature thinks of everything, I mean everything ! Because the star of the roll of flab to be eliminated does not leave survivors and, who before who after, we female specimens in spring we find ourselves in the bra in front of the mirror to pierce the

Homemade: chocolate puffed rice

Today easy recipe.

Also accessible to the most inept to the stove, immediately executable and with almost zero contraindications, except the gritty fingers and some shots of calories that you can still afford. Summer is not so close. The evenings still fresh. The wardrobe is divided into two heavy sweaters that when you wash them by hand and you have to squeeze them call for review all the saints of the calendar and dancers who freeze their feet early in the morning.


And then there is the existential question that I always ask myself in front of certain blogs. How do they do it? 
How do they prepare exclusively sophisticated and chic dishes?
How do they build a  twenty-story croquembouche saying “a little thing for dinner”? Or the typical dish of the Armenian tradition, cooked 15 hours on the wood stove?


Tuna meatballs with sun-dried tomatoes, black olives and thyme

Schools of thought – applied to any theory – are always interesting. The ardor of defending one’s ideology,  combined with a pinch of pedagogy from one side and the other, makes the comparison something that resembles the   fight of the hippos .
The kitchen is the ring of various and possible food diatribes. Just to give two or three ideas: the raw raw food vs the fearless roasters, the unresolved vegetarian / vegan against  carnivores, those of products at km 0 and the other those of the ethnic by force.
Today I was reading the last one: those that “the kitchen is an exact science”  inopposition to  those that “the magic of the stove”. Well, a I would have liked to love the exact sciences.
To appreciate the cold rationality of some formulas, to get excited about constants and variables trapped in a cycle of operations, to find out if the results turned upside down at the bottom of the page and those of my reasoning coincide, turning the book with momentum.