FACCIAMO UN PICNIC? La nuova raccolta di ricette di StagioniAMO!

Let’s face it: we have an exceptional timing after days and days of springtime, sunny, full of pollen and first ducks, just today, I slept with the duvet pulled up to the ears. But let’s start from the beginning.

Cooking is a talent which we cannot expect in everyone. The cooking needs more concentration and we should enjoy and do with great involvement to expect the positive outcome.

Nowadays we are able to get many recipes like south Indian, NorthIndian, and multi-cuisine recipes through online and so there is no need of worrying about cooking. What we want is just a stable internet connection to load the website page.

The recipes they show is very clear and easy to understand. Though the food we make tastes good, the presentation matters a lot. The way we present the meal while serving attracts the people and they will get impressed and wish to have more and more.

In recent days, there are many facilities available like we can even order the foods whatever we would prefer and the food items get delivered within a short period of time at our doorstep.

The only thing everyone says enough is food and so it is a must to give respect to the foods. The homemade foods are always fresh and healthy as we prepare it in a very hygienic manner. The children of this century love to have outside foods as they are very tasty and the masala items added in it develops the hunger feeling. But they are not at all safe for our digestive system. It is the duty of the parents to give an explanation to their children about the negatives in the outside street food items.

Do you all know why the young aged girls attain puberty so early nowadays?

It is only because of the diet they take and we must stop consuming outside foods and start adding more fruits, vegetables, and legumes. The healthy life is a happy life and so eat healthily and stay cheerfully.

Do you remember the collections? Those things that were done in cooking blogs a few years ago, where you chose a topic and all the other bloggers helped to develop it, creating a virtual mini book downloadable many hands, in different places and times, that mix, photograph, write it is an idea that enchants me and makes me think that true, clean and good things still exist somewhere.


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